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Go to my 1st. Website About My Childhood Abuse and Sexual Abuse, in Two Catholic Church Orphanages in Christchurch New Zealand......Ann Free Spirit. http://annfreespirit.tripod.com/index.html

Go Here to my 2nd. Website About my Causes, my Family and my Favorites Collections of Pictures.... Ann's Free Spirit  Link back to:   http://annsfreespirit.bravehost.com/index.html

I made this banner for you to take for this website, as I will be updating this site as I recieve more info about what is happening to the many men and women who were abused and sexual abused by the catholic church nuns, priest, brothers and their workers around the world. Please Link Back to...



We Will Be Silence No More...

We Will Not Not Go Away...

Brake the Silence...

This website is for the up-dates of what is happening around the world about the men and women who were abused and sexual abused as children within the Catholic Church system. In their Catholic schools, homes and orphanages around the world, through out the many, many years. And some children were abused abd sexual abused in the safty of their own family homes.

I have also put on this website other stories around the world and as you read their stories you will see that each country has the same abuse as I was in Christchurch New Zealand.  I will also open a page with links to different countries around the world for you to read as well.

I  started to write my story in 1993 when I never knew that it was abuse, which was done to me. It was not until I saw some women in 1997 on TV, about the Good Shepherd nuns and it was the same orphanage that I was in up to 10years of age. I could not believe that some of these women were abused and at that time I still did not thing that what the nuns did to me was abuse. I could not get over the fact the men and women of God could do these things to innocen, helpless children

I thought all my life that I was a bad child and that the punishment was done to me for being bad and a bold girl. A child who could not do anything unless she was punished before hand. 




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